Just like the early versions of the game, Age of Empires 4 also comes with various types of things to build; this includes new units and buildings. Some of them may be familiar, while some others are new names in the franchise.

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Other than fresh features, several mechanics still stay true to the old versions. For example, Age of Empires 4 also has a feature to heal allied units. While the names of the healers may be altered, their role in the game is almost identical to the franchise's predecessors. These healers are mostly Religious units and occasionally some buildings, Landmarks, and troops.


Religious Units

English Monastery with two Relics

Each Civilization possesses its own religious unit. They mostly have the same jobs, healing the army. Those healers can be upgraded inside their Monasteries to improve their supportive abilities. They can also pick Up Relics and capture Sacred Sites.

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Some Civilizations have their own type of healers and buildings that recruit them, listed below:

  • English: Monastery, Monk
  • French: Monastery, Monk
  • Chinese: Monastery, Monk
  • Holy Roman Empire: Monastery, Prelate.
  • Mongols: Prayer Tent, Shaman
  • Rus: Monastery, Warrior Monk
  • Delhi Sultanate: Mosque, Scholar
  • Abbasid Dynasty: Mosque, Imam

Landmarks, Buildings, And Units

Age of Empires 4 - Delhi Sultanate

In addition to religious units, some Landmarks, buildings, and other troops offer healing to themselves or their army.

Landmark: Abbey Of The Kings

Abbey of Kings

Abbey of the Kings is a Landmark the English can build to proceed to the second, Feudal Age. The Landmark will heal all the allies' troops around it by four points every 1.5s.

Landmark And Building: House Of Learning And Mosques

Delhi Mosque

House of Learning can be built by the Delhi Sultanate to advance to the third, Castle Age. The Landmark contains few technologies. One of them, Tranquil Venue, will cause Delhi's Mosque to heal its surroundings by one point every second.

Landmark And Unit: Kurultai And Khan


When proceeding to the third, Castle Age, players can choose Mongols' Kurultai as their choice of building. Kurultai buffs the Khan around them to heal units and increase their damage by 25%.The offensive Landmark can move around with the army or stay home, improving players' defense.

Landmark And Building: House Of Wisdom And Keeps

Abbasid House of Wisdom

Abbasids can build the House of Wisdom in the Dark age. The Landmark offers many technologies to be upgraded. However, in the Castle Age, if players upgrade the Culture Center, they will unlock a new set of technologies. The second technology, Medical Centers, will improve the Civilization's Keeps and cause them to heal the troops around them by two points every second.

Unit: Longbowman


The English have access to Longbowmen at their Feudal Age. Players can immediately upgrade Setup Camps technology, giving Longbowmen the ability to use it whenever in danger. The skill heals the archers by one point every second.

Unit: Royale Knight

Royal Knight

Royal Knights are the French's Heavy Cavalry. Upgrading Chivalry from the Stable helps Royal Knights regenerate HP when out of combat for one point every second.

Age of Empires 4 was released on October 28, 2021, and is currently available on PC.

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