When players start a new Skyrim journey, the world can seem a little overwhelming with all the choices available to them. Following the main quests is easy but tedious at times, and moving blindly between side quests and alternative story lines does not always yield the best results.

Players can benefit more from certain quests early in the game as they offer more high stat equipment than others. Here are the best quests to do early in Skyrim for maximum results.


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Players that are new to Skyrim don't always realize how much freedom they have in the game. Many missions ask players to take an item and do something with it, but players don't always need to do what they are asked in Skyrim. Whether it be sharpening a sword, selling a family amulet, or transporting an enchanted ring, players do not have a time limit on completing these quests and can hold on to the quests items for as long as they want. This comes in handy early in the game as Whiterun (the first major city players encounter) offers a few quests that provide useful items if players decide to keep them.

Greatsword For a Great Man or Take Up Arms

Both Greatsword For a Great Man and Take Up Arms are quests available in Whiterun, and they offer a weapon to players that can greatly improve early gameplay. Greatsword For a Great Man will provide players with Balgruuf's Greatsword, a two handed weapon that deals high damage while Take Up Arms will provide Vilaks' Sword, a one handed weapon that has equivalent stats to skyforge steel.

Both quests ask the player to take the weapon somewhere to complete the quest. If players simply keep the weapon and do not complete the quests, they can use the weapon for as long as they want, making this a great way to get a good weapon early.

Andurs' Arkay Amulet

Andurs' Arkay Amulet is another example of a Whiterun quests that asks players to take an item somewhere in exchange for petty cash, only in this quest it is not a weapon but an amulet that, when worn, grants the player a 10% boost to HP. The quest can be found in the Whiterun Catacombs and not only offers a nice boost to HP if players keep the amulet instead of returning it to Andur, but it also has an Unusual Gem in the catacombs which triggers the Thieves Guild quest. The Thieves Guild quests offer good gear and useful sneak skills later in game and are especially helpful to players interested in stealth gameplay.


Grey Beards Quests

After getting some early high stat gear quickly from Whiterun, players have a decision they need to make words of power now or later. The Grey Beards quests are part of the early main quest story line and offer a full Dragonborn shout and access to other shouts early in the game. If players decide to skip over the Grey Beards questline, they will likely not get a full shout until much later in the game. Players who decide to get through the begging half of the Grey Beards quests will be rewarded with a full shout, access to new quest lines, as well as the location of new words of power if they speak to Master Arngeir and inquire about them.

Innocence Lost, First Lessons, or The House of Horrors

These three quests should only be done after players have at least one other piece of high stat gear to make it easier on them but theoretically these quests can be done at any time early in the game. Deciding which one of these three quests to do will depend on what kind of gear players are after and which city they want to find themselves in

Innocence Lost is a quest found in the Arentino Residence in Windhelm and offers players a set of shrouded armor, a word for Marked for Death, and other minor benefits. First Lessons is found at the College of Winterhold and offers apprentice level spells, Lesser Ward for free, access to several other miscellaneous quests, three enchanted rings, access to the Atronach Forge, and one word from the Ice Form shout. Lastly, The House of Horrors quest can be found in Markarth and offers players a unique and extremely useful weapon- the Mace of Molag Bal. The mace does 25 damage to stamina and magicka and fills a soul gem if enemies are killed with it in under 3 seconds.

These quests offer a lot more to players early in the game than other quests do. If players decide they want to speed up their gameplay and reap as many rewards from Skyrim as they can, these are the quests to tackle first.

Skyrim is available now.

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