Ever since its debut on the original Game Boy more than a quarter of a century ago, Legendary Pokemon have played an important role in the Pokemon franchise. Back then, however, there were only five of them available, but this number has increased dramatically over the years. Some may argue that the sheer volume of Legendaries on offer in modern Pokemon titles cheapens the concept a little, though Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl would arguably suggest otherwise.

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Just as Mewtwo was in Red & Blue all those years ago, the vast majority of the Legendaries found in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are used to flesh out the titles' post-game content, providing players with a compelling reason to stick around long after becoming Sinnoh's newest Pokemon Champion. Regigigas is just one of the many Pokemon that players can get their hands on after beating Cynthia, though catching it is going to require an awful lot of leg work on their part.


Where to Find Regigigas in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Regigigas can be found in the Snowpoint Temple, though players won't be able to get inside until after they've seen all of the available Pokemon in Sinnoh and had their Pokedex upgraded by Professor Oak. Doing this will grant access to the post-game area, Ramanas Park, which holds the key (technically, keys) to catching Regigigas. Before visiting the park though, players should head down to the Grand Underground and start mining, as they're going to need to find quite a lot of Mysterious Shards for the next step.


Players will be able to trade Mysterious Shards for special items known as Discovery Slates by visiting the counter near the entrance to Ramanas Park. They'll either need three small shards or one large one per slate and will have to get their hands on three Discovery Slates in total. These slates can then be used in the Discovery Room to encounter the three Legendary Titans, which will be needed to wake Regigigas from its slumber. After catching all three, players should put Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in their active party and then head to the Snowpoint Temple.


Initially, the woman at the door will turn players away, but a young girl will show up and tell her that Cynthia has given the player permission to explore. With the woman's blessing, players should head inside and start making their way down to the lowest floor. On B3, they'll encounter an ice puzzle, where they'll need to enter via the spot next to the brown rock and then slide down, left, up, right, and then up. Once on B5, they should enter from the second tile from the right and slide down, down, right, up, left, down, right, and then up.

How to Catch Regigigas in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Completing the second ice puzzle will leave players standing directly in front of what appears to be a Regigigas statue. As per the inscription, however, approaching it with all three of the original Legendary Titans in one's party will cause this "statue" to come to life. As always, players should make sure to save their game before interacting with it and also check that they have a decent amount of Ultra Balls in stock. Whenever they're ready, they should press the A button to initiate the fight.


Catching Regigigas is not too different from catching any of the other non-roaming Legendaries before it. If anything, it's arguably a little easier to catch than the three Titans, all of whom have attacks with low PP and so are prone to running out of moves and struggling until they're knocked out. Players can use the tried and tested False Swipe and Sleep strategy, or simply lower the target's HP using anything but fighting-type moves. Whichever players choose, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to catch Regigigas, who, due to the absence of the two that were added in gen 8, is the last of the Regis available in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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