The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim takes players into a medieval fantasy world filled with mystery. One of the main draws for those playing is being able to fully customize a character, from looks to fighting style. Because vampires exist in the lands of Skyrim, some gamers might want their Dragonborn to becoming one. There are multiple ways to achieve this, so read further for tips to be a vampire.

To be clear, there are two different types of vampirism in the game. These versions differ due to one being a negative effect, whereas the other is a powerful vampire mode. The first is more straightforward to get but does not offer as many benefits as the other option. Depending on what level of vampire a player wants to be will determine the method. That said, make sure to not already contract Lycanthropy or wear Hircine's Ring as these will make the Dragonborn immune from vampirism.


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If players just want to get vampirism quickly, they will need to contract the disease version. It starts off as a malady known as Sanguinare Vampiris, and inevitably leads to vampirism. To get this just requires the Dragonborn to be hit by a physical vampiric weapon, or be subject to the spell Vampiric Drain. Locate Morvarth's Lair which is part of the Laid to Rest quest in Skyrim. Here, there are multiple low-level vampires which can pass on the disease to the player. Now that the disease is active, just wait three full days without curing Sanguinare Vampiris to become a vampire.

Skyrim the dragonborn as a vampire

While this is certainly the easier way, those interested in this route should consider becoming a Vampire Lord instead. As part of the Dawnguard expansion in Skyrim, players can complete a series of missions to become a powerful vampire with its own perks. To start this, encounter a guard or innkeeper who speaks about vampire hunters. Travel to Fort Dawnguard and begin the quest Awakening to continue this method. At the end of this mission, the Dragonborn will encounter a vampire called Serana who requests an escort back to her home.

Take Serana to Castle Volkihar which is to the west of Solitude. Once inside, her father Lord Harkon will make the player a Vampire Lord as a reward for bringing Serana home. Just choose yes to be a vampire even if it does not make sense. However, if the player is not ready to make this decision there will also be more chances later on in the questline. During the mission Chasing Echoes, Serana herself will also offer to turn the Dragonborn into a Vampire Lord. Finally, after finishing the entire Dawnguard expansion, players can ask Serana to complete the ritual at any time.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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