Skyrim has turned ten! Sometimes it's hard to believe this open-world classic has been around so long as still has so much to offer. With countless mods and a mind-blowing amount of quests, it's hard to not find something fun to do in the game, even after all this time.

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An assassin wielding a deadly dagger is such a common trope it's almost become cliche. Still, for players that like to sneak around in Skyrim, it's harder to find a better weapon. Not all daggers are made alike and while players can smith some of their own there are a few that are a step above the rest.

Updated on November 18th, 2021 by Talha Bin Rizwan: Players of Skyrim have a plethora of weapons at their disposal to take down their foes. From swords to battleaxes to bows and even warhammers; players will find and use a variety of weapons during their playthroughs, depending on their playstyle and builds. Daggers are one of the most popular weapon types in the game, often favored by thief and assassin builds. They are light, fast, and can easily take down opponents in the right hands. Players will find many daggers in the game. Where most daggers may not be anything special, some daggers can be the stuff of legends.

Note: All the included daggers are available in the base game.

14 Blade Of Sacrifice

Blade of Sacrifice

Players will have to kill all of the followers of the daedra Boethiah to be able to get a Blade of Sacrifice. This takes place during the quest Boethiah's Calling which is by far one of the darkest quests in the game. This ebony dagger doesn't have any unique effects and cannot be enchanted. However, it looks incredibly deadly and brutal which can be perfect for those who like to roleplay in the game.


13 Keening


This Dwemer dagger not only looks incredibly unique, but it also has a fantastic set of perks. It can absorb ten health, Magika, and stamina whenever players land a hit! The dagger can be found at one of eighteen radiant locations during the quest Arniel's Endeavor.

The only issue is, as the charges for this ability can't be refilled, it essentially becomes useless. If players want to keep the Keening as more than just a cool looking dagger will need to make sure they have the Fortify Destruction enchantment on some of their armor when using it so the charge doesn't go away.

12 Kahvozein's Fang

Kahvozein's Fang

Kahvozein's Fang is useful, but only for an incredibly specific reason. It's the only way to be able to complete the Alteration Ritual Spell quest as it's used to collect dragon heart scales, so any true mage will need this dagger. Note: This only works if equipped in the Dragonborn's right hand, it's a weird bug.

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Players will have to kill a Dragon Priest to be able to acquire this dagger. Once they use it for the quest, it's just like any other Dragon Priest dagger. It does look cool on a display at least!

11 Shiv


The Shiv is the fourth weakest weapon in the game, just ahead of forks and wooden swords in damage. It can't be improved at grindstones, but it can at least be enchanted! The only way to get a shiv is by going through the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.

While the Shiv may not serve the Dragonborn as a very useful weapon, players can instead use the dagger to generate nearly infinite amounts of money. Players need to enchant a shiv and place it on a dagger rack. The enchanted version will remain in the Dragonborn's inventory, but a new shiv will appear on the rack. Players can repeat the process up to the point they have enough gold for their requirements.

10 Borvir's Dagger

Borvir's Dagger

Borvir's Dagger is part of a canceled questline in the game, but minus its unique name it's not all that special. So why is it on the list? It's one of the most powerful daggers to get at the beginning of the game and takes barely any effort to do so. Players can track down this Elven Dagger in Journeyman's Nook.

9 Alessandra's Dagger

Alessandra's Dagger

Players receive Alessandra's Dagger as part of the quest Pilgrimage which they are supposed to take to the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. The Dragonborn can choose not to do this and keep this unique damage for themself.

It may not deal tons of damage but it's the lightest dagger in the game making it useful for assassins. Plus, as it is a quest item, it can't be removed from the player's inventory making it so the player can have a dagger even if they are imprisoned.

8 Bloodthorn


Soul Gems are incredibly useful in Skyrim for a multitude of reasons so being able to fill up empty ones easily is incredibly useful. Anyone killed with the Bloodthorn will automatically have their soul trapped in one of those gems, making it a highly sought after dagger.

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Players will have to go to the north of Markarth where they will find Hag's End. After battling against the Hagravens there, players can find this dagger on an alter on a balcony.

7 Mehrune’s Razor

Mehrune’s Razor

Mehrune's Razor doesn't just look deadly, it has a 1.98% chance of instantly killing anyone it strikes. We do mean everyone too, the final boss of the game can be beaten in a single lucky blow with Mehrune's Razor. Now, the dagger doesn't do much damage on its own, but this insta-kill chance makes it a viable option.

This dagger requires players to collect the four pieces of it during the quest "Pieces of the Past". If players kill Silus Vesuius at the end of the quest, they'll receive this dagger.

6 Valdr's Lucky Dagger

Valdr's Lucky Dagger

The extra damage of critical hits can make enemies go down far easier as the damage they deal bypasses armor. So with Valdr's Lucky Dagger giving players a whopping 25% chance of landing a critical hit with each strike, it's hard to deny how powerful it is. Especially if dual-wielded with another dagger such as Mehrune's Razor.

This dagger is also not too difficult to get, it just involves helping Valdr kill a bunch of spriggans in Moss Mother Cavern where they killed his friends. Once players complete the Hunter and Hunter quest, Valdr will give them the dagger.

5 Blade Of Woe

Blade of Woe

It only makes sense that the leader of the Dark Brotherhood would have one of the best daggers in the game. It deals more base damage than a Daedric Dagger and is almost on par with a Dragonbone Dagger even. It also absorbs 10 health per strike which is a solid enchantment.

The easiest way to get this dagger is to simply kill Astrid when the Dragonborn meets her in the Abandoned Shack, but that's not really worth missing out on the entire Dark Brotherhood questline for. Instead, players should go through that questline and complete Death Incarnate to receive this sharp reward.

4 Dragon Priest Dagger

Skyrim Dragon Priest Dagger In Front Of a Word Wall

The Dragon Priest Dagger is a unique weapon that was once used by the Dragon Priests in their rituals and sacrifices. The dagger is fairly rare and can be found at a handful of locations. Players may encounter the dagger at Forelhost carried by several Dragon Cultists, in Ysgrammor's Tomb, in Volunrund, in Colette Marence's room in the College of Winterhold, in Harkon's Room in Castle Volkihar and one dagger can be found in the Soul Cairn.

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Like the silver weapons wielded by the Silver Hand, the Dragon Priest Dagger can neither be crafted nor upgraded. But its looks alone are enough for many players to want one in their inventory.

3 Skyforge Steel Dagger

Skyrim Skyforge Steel Dagger Up For Purchase From Eorlund Gray-Mane

Players can get the Skyforge Steel Dagger from Eorlund Gray-mane in Whiterun after becoming a member of the Companions. While they may appear to be similar to regular Steel daggers in appearance, Skyforge Steel Daggers provide three more points of damage while weighing the same.

Players can buy the daggers from Eorlund after joining the faction or can choose one as a reward for free after completing the quest "Proving Honor". Players cannot improve them at a grindstone as no recipes exist in the game. However, the daggers can still be enchanted, and with the right amount of levels and perks, players can put up to 2 enchantments on the dagger.

2 Nettlebane

Nettlebane Being Looted From A Hagraven Corpse Skyrim

Nettlebane is a unique-looking Ebony dagger acquired from a Hagraven at Orphan Rock during the quest "Blessings of Nature". Players will find a Hagraven using the weapon to sacrifice several Spriggans for their ritual. The dagger is used to harvest the sap of the Eldergleam Tree during the quest.

The weapon can be upgraded at a grindstone using an Ebony Ingot. While it has less damage than a regular Ebony Dagger, players can equip that gives them a bonus towards Smithing to increase the improvement threshold bringing it on par with a regular dagger.

1 Dragonbone Dagger

Enchanted Dragonbone Dagger Being Given To a Child In Skyrim

Players can craft Dragonbone Daggers after leveling their Smithing skill all the way to 100 and acquiring the Dragon Armor perk. They will need one Dragon Bone and one Leather Strip to craft the dagger. Dragonbone Daggers are the strongest daggers in the game dealing base damage of 12, same as the Blade of Woe.

However, the Dragonbone Daggers weigh half a pointless and can be enchanted as the players will whereas the Blade of Woe has a set enchantment. With the right amount of points invested in the Enchanting skill tree and the appropriate perks, players can put up to two enchantments on a Dragonbone Dagger.

Skyrim is available on PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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