Each hold in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is unique. Some are almost frozen wastelands while others are home to fetid swamps and billowing bogs. Such a diverse landscape results in equally diverse life. Many different races of men and mer live and thrive in this open tundra province.

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Hjaalmarch is a region situated north of Whiterun and nestled between Haafingar on the west with The Pale to the east. Unlike many other holds, most of the landscape consists of marshes, swamps, and other dank wetlands. In these northern parts, there are covens of vampires plaguing the sparse settlements found in the soaked soil as well as other spooky scenes. However, not all appear on the player's map and have to be found with a little exploring.

10 Black Arts Burial Ground

frigid mound in snow

East of Morthal, and quite close to it, upon a hill and obscured by some tall pine trees, the player can find a burial mound. This is not one belonging to a dragon or ancient mummified priest but a necromancer. Like quite a few other unmarked locations in Skyrim, this setting is a bit of a grim tableau for a sinister past deed.

Inside the mound, there is a person in necromancer robes impaled upon a table with a simple dagger. Don't get too distracted by the brutal scene, as there is a skeletal foe inside that will attack the Dragonborn. When the bony enemy has been dealt with, one can loot the various containers in the area as well as find a Staff of Revenants.


9 A Dead Mammoth

a dead mammoth lying on the grass

If one heads west from Morthal and crosses the river and then follows its banks south, they will eventually come across a grisly scene of mammoth proportions. A dead woolly pachyderm lies dead upon the sand and grass by the river. Just as one begins to ponder what could have happened here, a bear will likely show up to claim responsibility.

Either that, or it is scavenging a kill made by another predator. One likely more fierce than any mere bear. Sadly, there are no clues or other interesting events tied to this location. It is simply a display of the natural ecosystem of Skyrim: an unforgiving one that sunders even the mightiest of giants.

8 Partially Submerged Burial Ground

half flooded burial mound covered in moss and overgrown by trees

Burial mounds pock the surface of Skyrim like freckles. In each, there is often loot to be had, and most are worth checking out if stumbled across. Northwest of Morthal, before one gets to the Apprentice Stone, there is a moss-covered site of remembrance for someone long forgotten.

The only foes that can be found here are a few mudcrabs, therefore the player should have no problem gathering up the loot to be found inside. There is a chest as well as a book titled "The Locked Room" that will increase one's Lockpicking skill if read.

7 A Ritual And Some Potions

a necromancer preparing next to a dead body by some rocks

Exploring east of Dragon Bridge will lead one to a large peninsula in the fork of a river. In the northern part of this peninsula, there is a necromancer performing a ritual and preparing potions.

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These dark deeds are usually great for finding ingredients for potions and possibly enchanting material, as well as a chance to dole out justice upon foul necromancers. There is also a book here titled "Mannimarco, the King of Worms," which is a book that increases one's Alchemy skill and is a reference to a villainous necromancer from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

6 Sabre Cat Hunting Grounds

two sabre cats hunting in a rocky area

In the far west of the hold, past Robbers Grave, though at the same latitude, there is a spot all players should be careful about treading. These are the hunting grounds of a pair of sabre cats. The location can be spotted from fairly far away by taking note of the tall stone pillars that jut out from the slope of the rocky hill.

However, if one is confident enough in their combat prowess to fell these two mighty felines, there is some loot to be had besides the eyes, teeth, and pelts of the big cats. In addition to a satchel and coin purse to pilfer, there is a book titled "2920, vol 01 - Morning Star," which can increase the player's One-Handed skill.

5 A Place To Cure Vampirism

stone structure where one cures vampirism in skyrim

Vampirism is arguably a rampant problem in Skyrim. Not only can the player be infected by this supernatural disease by fighting the fiends themselves, but the influence of blood-drinking covens in Morthal has led to the death of many innocent people.

It is appropriate that the cure for this illness can be found nearby. North and slightly to the west of Morthal, not too far away is a site of peculiar stones. If one stumbles across them randomly, they are uneventful, but if one speaks to Falion in the vampire-infested city, they can start a quest that leads them here to purge their sanguine pestilence.

4 A Recent Massacre

bloody campsite with bones near a fire pit

North of the Apprentice Stone, the bloody remains of some unknown tragedy can be discovered. The human bones and limbs, still splattered with wet blood, are the freshly butchered body parts of two unfortunate campers. While investigating, the Dragonborn may spot predators, or scavengers, about the area.

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Wolves, bears, and sabre cats could very well have been the culprits. The brutality makes it seem likely that there were wild animals behind this killing, though particularly vicious vampires cannot be ruled out. "The Exodus," a book that raises the player's Restoration skill, can be found near to the viscera of this campsite.

3 A Caravan Ambush

wagon with a dead horse that was attack by bandits by the road

Far to the east of Hjaalmarch, north of where the Shrine to Mehrunes Dagon can be found, there is a cart along a road now void of its owner and ability to move, for bandits had struck it. This caravan, laden with all manner of potions, ingredients, and even a skill book, can be secured by slaying the two bandits.

It was unfortunately too late to save the owner or their horse but at least their goods won't go to the fiends who killed them.

2 A Smuggler's Alcove

stone overhang with smuggled goods and a cooking station

Between the Nordic tomb of Folgunthur and the East Empire Company Warehouse, almost directly south of the Blue Palace, the player can find a rocky nook packed with containers to loot.

In addition to the many ingredients and cozy feeling, this smuggler's den has a skill book resting on a crate titled "Purloined Shadows," which increases one's Pickpocketing skill.

1 Ghostly Barrow

two bandits sitting outside of a stairwell leading down at night

This location may not be on the map but one won't need directions to find it. Simply be in Kjenstag Ruins, a fair bit northeast from Morthal, anytime between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am and a friendly ghost will appear. This non-hostile specter will immediately begin running northeast at no provocation.

Follow them and they will lead one to an unmarked barrow. The entrance is guarded by two bandits, therefore some combat is inevitable. After the bandits have been dealt with, descend to loot this hidden location packed with loot like random staves, skill books, and jewelry.

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