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The Rare Curios creation included with Skyrim Anniversary Edition adds a huge number of new Alchemy ingredients for players to make new Potions, a variety of new ammunition, the ability to create Poisoned Apples, and two Ayleid artifacts lifted straight from the dungeons of Oblivion: Varla Stones and Welkynd Stones.

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To put it bluntly, it's an expansive creation, and it will take players a long time to find everything the wide-reaching addon adds to Skyrim. Some of these ingredients and other items will drop randomly in dungeon loot, but most of them can only be purchased from one of Skyrim's three wandering Khajiit Caravans.


How To Get Rare Curios Ingredients And Items

Skyrim Anniversary Rare Curios Guide Risaad

There are two main places that players can find Rare Curios items: Khajiit Caravans and in Dungeon loot. Varla Stones and Welkynd Stones can typically be found in the final chest of a dungeon, while other ingredients and ammo can be found rarely in creature and chest loot tables.

The majority of the new items found in the Rare Curios creation can be bought from Khajiit Caravans throughout Skyrim. There are three caravans in Skyrim led by three Khajiit merchants. Ri'Saad travels between Whiterun and Markarth, Ahkari travels between Dawnstar and Riften, and Ma'Dran leads her Caravan from Windhelm to Solitude. If you have the coin, these Khajiit have the wares (though their stock rotates regularly).

All 51 New Ingredients In Rare Curios

Skyrim Anniversary Rare Curios Guide Ingredients

In total, there are 51 new ingredients added to Skyrim with the Rare Curios creation. For the most part, these ingredients don't offer new effects and instead offer improved effects compared to regular ingredients. Their effects are stronger and last longer, making them relatively pricey compared to normal Alchemy ingredients.

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All 51 are listed below in three equal alphabetical sections, based on the first letter of each ingredient - these groupings are more for readability than an indicator of their strength or similarities. Remember to only combine ingredients with similar effects or risk wasting these precious (and costly) materials.

Ingredients: A to D

1st Effect 2nd Effect 3rd Effect 4th Effect Gold Value
Alocasia Fruit Stamina Recovery Create Light Ravage Magicka Health Recovery 22
Ambrosia Restore Health Health Recovery Fortify Health Cure Poison 15
Aster Bloom Core Resist Magic Fortify Light Armor Fortify Block Paralysis 40
Bittergreen petals Lingering Stamina Damage Invisibility Cure Poison Damage Magicka 25
Blind Watcher's Eye Create LIght Fortify Magicka Fortify Alteration Spell Absorption 9
Blister Pod Cap Restore Magicka Fortify Magicka Night Eye Invisibility 25
Bog Beacon Restore Magicka Fortify Heavy Armor Fear Damage Stamina 20
Bungler's Bane Slow Movement Ravage Stamina Damage Stamina Recovery Resist Magic 50
Chokeberry Damage Health Ravage Health Lingering Health Damage Weakness to Poison 15
Chokeweed Weakness to Frost Restore Stamina Cure Disease Damage Magicka 7
Coda Flower Damage Health Lingering Stamina Damage Ravage Magicka Fortify Carry Weight 30
Comberry Damage Stamina Spell Absorption Restore Magicka Fortify Destruction 12
Congealed Putrescence Ravage Health Restore Magicka Weakness to Fire Fortify Conjuration 9
Corkbulb Root Paralysis Restore Health Resist Shock Fortify Marksman 30
Daedra Silk Lingering Stamina Damage Paralysis Night Eye Invisibility 50
Daedra Venin Ravage Health Paralysis Fortify Destruction Spell Absorption 50
Daedroth Teeth Resist Frost Create Light Damage Magicka Recovery Stamina Recovery 50
Dreugh Wax Weakness to Magic Frenzy Fortify Enchanting Fortify Smithing 25

Ingredients: E to M

1st Effect 2nd Effect 3rd Effect 4th Effect Gold Value
Elytra Ichor Restore Magicka Invisibility Slow Movement Fear 30
Fire Petal Damage Health Resist Fire Spell Absorption Paralysis 30
Flame Stalk Restore Health Resist Frost Weakness to Fire Invisibility 25
Fungus Stalk Restore Magicka Fortify Health Fortify Stamina Water Breathing 30
Gnarl Bark Damage Health Health Recovery Fortify Heavy Armor Resist Fire 15
Gold Kanet Paralysis Ravage Health Weakness to Frost Fortify Smithing 30
Hackle-Lo Leaf Restore Stamina Paralysis Water Breathing Fortify Restoration 30
Heart of Order Restore Health Fortify Health Fortify One-Handed Fortify Two-Handed 40
Hunger Tongue Weakness to Fire Cure Disease Cure Poison Fortify Magicka 10
Hydnum Azure Giant Spore Resist Frost Fortify Health Health Recovery Create Light 30
Hypha Facia Weakness to Poison Frenzy Ravage Stamina Resist Magic 23
Imp Gall Damage Health Weakness to Fire Fortify Barter Cure Poison 15
Kagouti Hide Lingering Stamina Damage Night Eye Fortify Carry Weight Resist Shock 20
Kresh Fiber Weakness to Magic Slow Movement Fortify Sneak Fortify Pickpocket 30
Lichor Restore Magicka Magicka Recovery Fortify Magicka Spell Absorption 15
Luminous Russula Lingering Stamina Damage Lingering Health Damage Water Breathing Fear 25
Marshmerrow Restore Health Fortify Carry Weight Weakness to Magic Damage Stamina 18
Minotaur Horn Resist Poison Damage Magicka Recovery Health Recovery Magicka Recovery 55

Ingredients: O to Z

1st Effect 2nd Effect 3rd Effect 4th Effect Gold Value
Ogre's Teeth Weakness to Shock Resist Poison Lingering Magicka Damage Health Recovery 50
Red Kelp Gas Bladder Stamina Recovery Water Breathing Cure Disease Fortify Magicka 20
Redwort Flower Resist Frost Cure Poison Damage Health Invisibility 25
Roobrush Weakness to Magic Fortify Sneak Lingering Health Damage Cure Poison 20
Saltrice Restore Stamina Fortify Magicka Damage Stamina Recovery Restore Health 6
Scalon Fin Water Breathing Damage Health Lingering Magicka Damage Damage Magicka Recovery 25
Scrib Jelly Magicka Recovery Cure Poison Cure Disease Stamina Recovery 20
Scrib Jerky Restore Stamina Fortify Stamina Paralysis Water Breathing 15
Sload Soap Resist Fire Fear Fortify Conjuration Fortify Alteration 30
Stoneflower Petals Weakness to Shock Fortify One-Handed Fortify Magicka Fortify Enchanting 15
Void Essence Restore Health Fortify Health Fortify Stamina Health Recovery 60
Watcher's Eye Night Eye Fortify Magicka Fortify Illusion Spell Absorption 9
Wisp Stalk Caps Damage Health Weakness to Poison Frenzy Spell Absorption 9
Withering Moon Restore Magicka Spell Absorption Fortify Light Armor Cure Disease 5
Worm's Head Cap Fortify Lockpicking Night Eye Fortify Carry Weight Slow Movement 30

Poisoned Apples: The Assassin's Favorite

Skyrim Anniversary Rare Curios Guide Poisoned Apple

The Rare Curios mod adds a number of ingredients and items from other Elder Scrolls games. Oblivion's Poisoned Apples are infamous, in part thanks to the LaFave Brothers who parodied the ridiculous way that victims die while eating them. Finally, with Rare Curios, these Poisoned Apples make their way to Skyrim. There are two varieties that use either Red or Green Apples.

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Both the Poisoned Red Apple and Poisoned Green Apple deal 4 Poison Damage per second for an entire minute for a total of 240 damage. They cannot be bought from an NPC, though, and must be crafted. Combine a Red or a Green apple with a Chokeberry (included with the Rare Curios creation) in a Cooking Pot to create this favorite treat of Cyrodiil's master assassins.

Rare Curios' New Arrows And Bolts

Skyrim Anniversary Rare Curios Guide Corkbulb Arrow

The Rare Curios creation also adds new ammunition to the game, all of which are built into Skyrim's crafting system seamlessly – they can also be bought from Khajiit Caravans. The Corkbulb Arrow and Corkbulb Bolt are a new type of ammo that has a 1 in 4 chance to cause Paralysis for four seconds on hit.

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There are four other Bolts added with Rare Curios, being the Bonemold Bolt, Iron Bolt, Orcish Bolt, and Silver Bolt (which, ironically, wasn't included with the Dawnguard DLC). While none of these have a unique effect like Corkbulb ammo, they are built into the game's leveled lists and work in conjunction with Anniversary Edition's variety of Crossbow and Archery addons.

Arrow/Bolt Type Raw Damage Special Effects Crafting Requirements and Perks Gold Value
Corkbulb Arrow 10 25% chance to Paralyze Corkbulb Root 6
Bonemold Bolt 15 N/A Bonemeal, Steel Smithing perk 3
Corkbulb Bolt 10 25% chance to Paralyze Corkbulb Root 6
Iron Bolt 8 N/A Iron Ingot 1
Orcish Bolt 12 N/A Orichalcum Ingot, Orcish Smithing perk 3
Silver Bolt 10 N/A Silver Ingot 2

Varla Stones and Welkynd Stones

Skyrim Anniversary Rare Curios Guide Welkynd Stone

Poisoned Apples aren't the only thing making a return from Oblivion in the Rare Curios creation. Ayleid Ruins are a rare sight in Skyrim, but that doesn't mean the ancient Wild Elves didn't have a presence in the province at some point. As such, Rare Curios makes it possible to find Varla Stones and Welkynd Stones in dungeons and from Khajiit Caravans.

Varla Stones and Welkynd Stones are the stuff of legends, revered by the Ayleids as fragments of Aetherius (the enigmatic realm of the Aedra) that fell to Nirn. In Skyrim, these stones will fully recharge an Enchanted Weapon or completely restore the player's Magicka. They are worth a pretty penny, too, making them worth tracking down even for a Magic-averse Dragonborn.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series S|X

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