Despite being released almost a decade ago, there are few games that can match The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's expansiveness or depth. Each hold has a wealth of tales to tell and events to explore. The sheer amount of locations on the map is staggering, giving players hundreds of hours of gameplay to enjoy.

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But adventurers should not completely rely on their map, as there are plenty of fascinating finds to uncover with some more old-fashioned hiking through the woods, plains, and mountains of Tamriel's northernmost province. The hold to the furthest south and west, The Rift, is packed with such hidden scenes.

10 An Altar In The Woods

mage by a stone altar surrounded by yellow trees

North of Autumnshade Clearing, the player will find an altar among stone ruins seeming to be of dwarven origin. At this altar will be a mage, though they will not appreciate being interrupted by the Dragonborn.

After dealing with the malicious magic-user, one can loot them for some fire salts and a book titled "Racial Phylogeny" which will raise the Restoration skill when read. In addition, there are quite a few pieces of dwarven metal scattered about.


9 Mysterious Dead Body Of A Khajiit

dead body of a khajiit under a waterfall

Coming across dead bodies is not that uncommon in The Elder Scrolls games. Most of the time there is a rational explanation for how specific NPCs end up deceased but not always. While exploring the perimeter of the Broken Helm Hollow bandit camp, a waterfall can be spotted that warrants closer inspection.

A dead Khajiit will be located at the bottom of these falls, though it is not explained what happened. Since they are in merchant clothes, it's clear they weren't a fighter seeking to face the bandits. It is also unlikely that they were a captive who escaped, as there is a coin pouch found on the body. The most likely cause of death was that this Khajiit was looking for the treasure (which can be found with Treasure Map IX) and fell to their doom while scaling the falls.

8 A Mountainous Frost Troll Den

frost troll in front of their mountain den on a snowy cliff

Frost trolls are some of the toughest foes one can encounter due to their annoying natural health regeneration, though this is likely one of the reasons why they are so successful as a species. This resilience lends itself to them carving a niche for themselves in any of the more frigid environments that they choose.

East of Stendarr's Beacon, upon a scenic cliff, the Dragonborn can follow a trail of blood to the cave of a hungry troll. The area can be scoured for a silver ore node to mine, a locked strongbox, as well as a book titled "A Dance in Fire - Book II" which will raise one's Block skill.

7 A Cliffside Shrine Of Talos

great view from a high up shrine of talos overlooking the mountains of the rift

More often than not, Skyrim's unmarked locations either hold decent loot or a scenic view. However, this shrine of Talos, located very slightly west of Froki's Shack, has both. There's a bunch of Imperial armor that can be found, such as a sword, helmet, and a light shield.

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In addition, there are a couple of books, one of which will raise the player's Two-Handed skill, as well as a satchel and some septims. Not a bad haul to stuff into one's many pockets as the Dragonborn enjoys a gorgeous mountain vista.

6 The Results Of Playing With Fire

dead body burnt by fire in a flaming house

East of Lost Tongue Overlook, one can find burning wreckage; though not one caused by any dragons. Upon closer inspection, it will become clear what happened: a mage was playing with fire and got in over their head. The evidence of this can be easily spotted as there is a ring of candles inside the farmhouse indicating that at least one Conjuration spell occurred.

Furthermore, an extra crispy corpse can be found inside still holding a scroll for the summoning of a flame atronach. Various other magical loot can be found in or nearby this scorched structure, including a Scroll of Firebolt and a book that raises one's Destruction skill.

5 A Lead On A Treasure Hunt

camp near a lake

East of Lake Geir, just north of where the river leading out of the lake turns south, one can discover a small camp by the shore. There is not much here in terms of loot besides some coins, though make sure not to miss the note resting on top of one of the barrels.

Written upon this loose page is the location of some buried treasure to be found on a small island nearby, though be careful when approaching this hidden crate of goods, for those that dwelled in this small camp will be encountered there.

4 Water Slide To Treasure

cave entrance by a waterfall

Although not an actual water slide, this series of waterfalls can be jumped from relatively safely, unlike most found in the province. Following these aquatic cascades south of Lost Knife Hideout will lead the player to a small pond with some secret treasure.

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Underwater, there will be a hefty chest that can be looted for some nice gains. While there, enjoy some leisurely swimming to harvest the kind of bounty nature only provides in such environments, such as clams, fish, and more.

3 A Dead Woodcutter

camp with a dead wood cutter

A grisly scene can be found northeast of Honeystrand cave. Yet another mysterious death, though this time that of a woodcutter who was minding his own business while chopping some wood. His body now lies upon the stump he was formerly using, though there does not seem to be any signs of a struggle.

Even more strange is that there is no blood and the place does not seem to have been looted as the player can find a coin pouch and food near the tent. One cannot rule out murder, however, it may be some sort of illness that took the woodcutter's life. Sadly, since there is a severe lack of evidence, this is one mystery that will likely remain unsolved.

2 A Wolf Trap

a cage with some meat in it meant to lure an animal

By traveling near the edge of the map, the player may happen across a strange hunting method east from Fort Greenwall. There is an open cage with some venison inside that is clearly meant as a trap for wild animals.

A wolf can be spotted circling the cage curiously, yet hesitantly. If the player interacts with the cage and foils the trap, the hunters will emerge angrily and attack the Dragonborn for the interference.

1 The Cluckomancer

a novice necromancer by a nest and some bones

Necromancers run rampant across the continent. Most practice their dark arts in the wilds of the world so that they won't be bothered, but nowhere is truly safe from the Dragonborn's fearless adventuring. Despite being sinister and frowned upon by most, necromancy is practiced in many forms by many mages, though everyone needs to start somewhere.

South of Geirmund's Hall, across Lake Geir, the player can bump into a novice necromancer practicing their pariah-worthy spells... on chickens. They have even set up a unique nesting structure for their avian zombies. Interestingly, after the necromancer is slain, if one picks up the egg in this nest it will reanimate one of the nearby dead chickens.

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