The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a massive and diverse map. Full of extraordinary encounters and serene scenery, it holds a bounty of awesome gameplay for anyone brave enough to enter the northernmost realm of Tamriel. Exciting adventures are nothing new to The Elder Scrolls series and those in Skyrim are irrefutable proof of this.

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In addition to having the nine holds to galavant about with spells spraying and swords swinging, there are areas only accessible through add-on content. The Dragonborn DLC grants players access to the mostly Dunmer-populated island of Solstheim. Like the nine holds, this frigid island is home to many cool quests. Some of which don't even appear on the map.

10 Island Of Giant Nirnroot

island with a boat nearby and some spriggans

If one heads north of Frossel, they will encounter an island with some unique vegetation. Among common plants, there are six giant nirnroot that grow here. These fascinating natural specimens drew the attention of a Dunmer alchemist, whose boat can be found upon the shore of the island.

The loot that can be found here includes a ton of nirnroot since each giant plant drops three pieces. Among this bountiful harvest, one can find some pearls, a strongbox, and minor loot in the alchemist's boat.


9 Riekling Island

island with some simple structures

The small and fierce rieklings can be battled time and again during one's exploits on Solstheim proper. So it is no surprise that these minute monsters and their tribal society have proliferated the surrounding islands as well. North of Haknir's Shoal, the player can find such a settlement.

Despite not being considered very intelligent, the rieklings have set up a pretty nice base here, and it's ripe for plundering. Besides a hoard of common loot, there is an East Empire Company strongbox with treasure to be pilfered. That is, once one takes care of all the rieklings guarding it.

8 A Mining Accident

a dead dark elf beneath some rubble at a mining camp

Straight west of Brodir Grove, the player can happen across an unfortunate scene. A Dunmer miner seems to have been crushed by a load of rocks and gold ore that fell from a wheelbarrow. No one would blame the player for collecting the man's impromptu burial substrate, as there is no one else to make use of this precious gold.

Nearby, the dead dark elf's campsite holds a few more items that can be collected with ease. There is even a strongbox that holds promises of even more gold, though more likely in the form of coins.

7 A Tragic Tale

camp of an argonian in a rocky pass

North of Ashfallow Citadel, in a rocky crevice, one can find some stairs leading to a lone and deceased Argonian named Usha. Much like most random dead bodies in this game, they can be looted and their possessions repurposed. The goods include a chest and strongbox full of random treasure, some skooma, a coin purse, as well as a note.

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The note reads empathetically from Usha's lover, Monesa, urging them to return home despite the strife between them and Monesa's family. Sadly, the two will never have a chance to reunite, as the cold, harsh island of Solstheim mysteriously claims another.

6 Crashed Airship

the remains of a crashed dwarven flying ship

At Moesring Pass, there is a sub-location in the form of the remains of a ship. Though not the seafaring kind. This is a section of a dwarven flying ship. Specifically, one that appeared in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind's DLC, making this a nice easter egg for longtime fans of the series.

Beyond the inverted door, one will find a small area with two chests that can be looted for ancient and interesting goods.

5 Dragon Of The Hills

A player fighting a dragon, cinematic image not gameplay

Vahlok's Tomb is not only interesting for its own quests but also because its surroundings hold some intriguing occurrences and potential loot for those adventurous enough to do a bit of hiking.

A dragon mound can be uncovered west of Vahlok's Tomb if the Dragonborn seeks another soul to swallow. Following the battle with the flying fiend, the player can also find a locked chest south of the mound.

4 Reaver Camp
Via: The Elder Scrolls Wiki - Fandom

Southeast of the Ramshackle Trading Post, the player can come across a camp of Reavers. Their name may be intimidating, but this group is little more than a group of Dunmer who wear bandit armor.

Like other bandit camps, this one is full of goods to be gathered after their owners are dealt with.

3 Ambush At A Dunmer Camp

Solstheim has a long history between the Dunmer and the Nords. Long ago, during the early years of the Fourth Era, Red Mountain in Morrowind erupted and forced many dark elves to evacuate the city. Graciously, the Nords gave the Dunmer refugees who escaped north an entire island to call their new home.

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That island, as one would guess, is Solstheim. This explains why the Dunmer people and their culture are so prevalent here. Sadly, however, this has not stopped the hostility between some Nords and dark elves, which on occasion leads to violent ambushes that leave many innocent lives in ruin. Such an example can be found a bit east of Vahlok's tomb in the woods.

2 Dragon Island

dragon mound with a dragon near it on a small island

There is a conspicuous island that is the second one northwest of Frossel. The Dragonborn will likely have spotted or heard the dragon flying about this water-surrounded locale, so just follow the sunlight glinting off of reptilian scales that soar above.

After the player slays and consumes this dragon's soul, there is further loot to be found in the form of a chest as well as a skeleton and a few horkers if one desires some meat.

1 Apocrypha

Although there are quests leading to this location, there is no way to find it on a map unless one is already inside this realm of Oblivion. After finding the first of the Black Books and peeling back its dark cover, the Dragonborn will get pulled into the plane of Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge.

Here, the player can adventure about and uncover all manner of unique buffs and loot that they can use to increase their already significant battle prowess.

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