Daedric Equipment has always held a legendary status in The Elder Scrolls games, often serving as the strongest type of gear in-game. In Skyrim Special Edition, players can acquire the set through a variety of means, the easiest being to craft it themselves. However, doing so requires players to have high levels in Smithing, and getting there can take a lot of time and effort.

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But through some exploits in the game, players can get the Daedric Set right after leaving Helgen. Players are recommended to save frequently after regular intervals throughout the process, as the method poses some risk and players can get caught and be sent off to jail in-game.

Updated September 11th, 2021 by Talha Bin Rizwan: Daedric Gear is counted among the strongest in Skyrim. As such, it is usually reserved for players who are in the mid to late game stages and have gained some levels in Smithing and other skills. Acquiring Deadric Gear at lower levels can make the players' journey significantly easier as they come across challenging enemies such as Dragons or Giants. With that in mind, this guide has been updated to include some addtitional details on how to get this armor early. Players will need some items, careful timing, and a little bit of luck.

11 Loot Everything In Helgen

A Tower in the City of Helgen

Players will need a bit of gold during the process to pay the carriage driver and to potentially buy some ingredients. As players start off with no gold, they will need to loot everyone and everything they can during their escape from Helgen. Some of the weapons and armor will also help in protecting players on their journey as they move from city to city.

Sell off the items to Alvor in Riverwood and acquire gold, which will be used to get some of the items needed and buy passage to different areas. Players will be able to acquire close to a thousand gold by selling off loot by from Helgen.


10 Take Some Wooden Plates From The Inn

Wooden Plate Inventory View

In Riverwood, players will need to take a few wooden plates and keep them in their inventory. Only one is actually required for the process, but having a few backups is useful in case anything goes wrong. Players must make sure they aren't seen while taking the plates, as the inn owner may react negatively to theft. Moreover, they can be arrested by the guards and have to pay off their bounty.

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The plates will allow players to clip through a pillar to acquire the Sigil Stone, a required component to operate the Atronach Forge. Once players have a few plates, they must make their way to Whiterun and go to the Apothecary.

9 Acquire Void Salts

Void Salts Selected In The Players' Inventory

In Whiterun, go to Arcadia's Cauldron and buy some Void Salts. There is a 21% chance an apothecary will have some Void Salts up for purchase. Players must buy as many Void Salts as they can. If the vendor does not have them in stock, players can load an earlier save, which may randomize the items. Players need four void salts for each part of the armor set.

Alternatively, the Dragonborn can journey from hold to hold and check different apothecary merchants for salts. Some court wizards are also known to have them in stock. Other ways exist to acquire this ingredient, but they pose considerable risk, as they're often hidden in dungeons full of hostile, powerful mages.

8 Acquire Daedra Heart

Daedra Heart up for purchase

Daedra Hearts are one of the rarest items in-game, almost as rare as Daedric Equipment itself. They are dropped by Dremora upon death and some wizard merchants are known to carry them, which are accessed mid to late game. Players can also buy then from alchemy merchants, though they cost a pretty penny.

However, the easiest way to get a Daedra Heart is at Jorrvaskr, in Kodlak's quarters. As players enter the room, they will find one Daedra Heart on top of a plate on their left on the far side of the room. Players must be careful not to get caught while picking it up, as it can have negative consequences. Players need four Daedric Hearts for each part of the armor set, and one for each weapon they need.

7 Acquire Ebony Ingots

Ebony Ingot Creation At Smelter

Ebony is the principal material in forging Daedric Equipment, either conventionally at a regular forge or spawning it at the Atronach Forge. Players can buy ebony ingots from blacksmiths at higher levels in the game, or can smelt some ingots using ebony ore. Players can mine the ore in multiple locations, but these locations are better suited for higher leveled players.

In the town of Shor's Stone, north of Riften, players can find three chunks of Ebony Ore near the smelter outside the mine. Players can take the ores if they clear the mine of spiders. However, if players do not want to engage in combat, they can steal the ore after making sure no one is watching, and smelt them into ingots.

6 Acquire Filled Greater Soul Gems

Greater Soul Gem In Inventory

The easiest way for players to get soul gems is through the various court wizards in the hold capitals. Players need a Soul Gem that has been filled with a Greater Soul or higher. The closest court wizard to Helgen can be found at Dragonsreach in Whiterun, by the name of Farengar Secret-Fire.

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Players should get as many as they can, but even if they manage to get only one, that can work. Through an item duplication glitch, players can create many copies of the item. Alternatively, wait until Farengar replenishes his stock, or try the other court wizards in other holds.

How To Fill Greater Soul Gems

Players can fill Greater Soul Gems themselves by killing enemies that yield a Greater Soul. To do so, they must defeat such an enemy under the Soul Trap spell. Players can buy the Soul Trap spellbook ffrom any of the court wizards in the game.

Draugr Deathlords, Giants, and Wispmothers are some of the enemies that yield a Greater Soul. However, these are powerful enemies which can deplete players' health bars in one or two hits. Players must either wait till they get stronger to defeat them, or use a follower to tank hits.

5 Acquire Silver Swords

Silver Sword Inventory View

Silver swords are a required component to get Daedric weapons. Players need one silver sword to generate one Daedric weapon. These swords are carried by the members of the Silver Hand group, typically encountered during the Companions questline.

Players can also find Silver Hand members at their strongholds. The closest one to players just starting out will be at Gallows Rock, which can be found northwest of Windhelm. They will find a few members outside of the location who they can kite using a bow and arrow. Once they are taken care of, players must loot as many silver swords as they can.

4 Exploiting The Item Duplication Glitch

Multiple Daedra Hearts yielded from Duplication Glitch

At level one, players may only acquire the required items in very limited quantities. In order to get more, they can exploit an item duplication glitch. To ensure it works properly, they must make sure that the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch is disabled in their load order. Players must then recruit a follower who does not have an issue with stolen items. Uthgerd The Unbroken and Janessa, both in Whiterun, are good candidates.

Go to the gates of Whiterun or any hold capitals. Drop the items from the inventory, and tell the follower to pick them up. Once the follower does so, players must then exit the city through the gates and then re-enter immediately. A duplicate of the item will be placed on the ground where they dropped it. Players can repeat until the required number of items is reached.

3 Acquiring The Sigil Stone

Sigil Stone Inventory View

The Sigil Stone is required to summon the Daedric set from Oblivion into Skyrim. To acquire the Stone, players must first gain entry into the College of Winterhold by passing Faralda's test. A simple spell cast on the ground will satisfy her, and she will allow players to pass. Once inside the college, players must go straight to the Hall of Attainment and go to the second pillar on their left.

Take out a Wooden Plate, hold it up just below eye level using the interact key, and sprint into the pillar. They will be able to see a chest underneath the pillar, which contains the Sigil Stone. It may take a few tries, but players will be able to clip through the pillar and get to the chest. Once there, simply take the Stone and be transported onto the regular ground.

Alternative Way To Get The Sigil Stone

Another way to get the Sigil Stone is by playing through Phinis Gestor's quest at the College of Winterhold. Players need to have a Conjuration level of at least 90 to trigger the quest. He will teach players a spell to summon an unbound Dremora, which players need to defeat three times to bind him to their service.

When players summon him for the fourth time, the Dremora will give the players a Sigil Stone. The battle can be challenging for low-level players and it is advisable to use a follower to tank all hits while players attack the Dremora at range. Dremora are weak to shock-based attacks which players can use to their advantage. Considering the Conjuration level requirement, however, it is almost impossible to do this quest at level 1.

2 Gaining Access To The Atronach Forge

Skyrim's Antronach Forge In The Midden

Players will be using the Atronach Forge to acquire Daedric Equipment. To find the Atronach Forge, players must go down into The Midden, a kind of dungeon underneath the College of Winterhold. Players can find multiple trapdoors at the College that lead down into the area.

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When players enter the College courtyard, they will find a trapdoor to the left of the Hall of Attainment that leads to The Midden. As players move through The Midden, they will find the Atronach Forge, which looks like a wide altar with space for the Sigil Stone. Players must place the stone here, and the Forge is ready to use.

1 Summoning Daedric Equipment

Daedric Warhammer on top of the Atronach Forge

Once players place the Sigil Stone, they must then add the required components. Players need to add one Daedra Heart, one Ebony Ingot, one filled Greater Soul Gem, and one Void Salt for an enchanted piece of the Daedric Armor set.

For weapons, players must substitute the Void Salts with Silver Sword; one Silver Sword for one Daedric Weapon. The method can be repeated until players acquire the whole Daedric set. Players must save after acquiring each separate piece of the set and their preferred weapons.

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