The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers players a large number of ways to customize their character to their liking. Even beyond the character creator, there are lots of ways to change the Dragonborn's appearance and abilities. One way to completely alter a character is to take on a disease of transformation, such as Lycanthropy or Vampirism. Furthermore, in the Skyrim expansion Dawnguard, players can eventually become a Vampire Lord, which has its own distinct skill tree.


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While being a Vampire has its benefits, it's a bit of a burden to completely change one's playstyle to avoid daytime. At later stages, it can be frustrating when NPCs flee from the player on sight. Luckily, when it comes to how to get rid of vampirism Skyrim makes it pretty straightforward.

Updated October 31, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: While it's perfectly valid to ask how to cure vampirism in Skyrim, it's not as much of a death sentence as it is a reformation of the player's potential. It has its drawbacks, to be certain, but it's not all doom and gloom as it also unlocks several unique abilities and skills that most players will find useful. Don't rush into a cure for vampirism as it's quite annoying to go back through the process if you change your mind later on. Spend some time getting familiar with the disease in all its upsides and downsides before heading out to search for a cure – you just might like life on the other side.

Before You Go: Upsides Of Undeath

Skyrim Vampire Guide Dawnguard Vampirism Cure Benefits

The Skyrim vampire cure is something most people with the Sanguinare Vampiris disease want to rid themselves of, and mostly for good reason. It is a cursed life, after all, and additionally, vampires are tied to Molag Bal even after their final death. People who can master the stages of the curse, though, find themselves to be much more powerful than their average citizen.

There are lots of reasons to stay as a vampire and not seek out a cure, especially for players focusing on a Magicka or Stealth-oriented build. For roleplayers and new players it's something generally to be avoided, but that doesn't mean vampirism isn't something to try out at least once in Skyrim.

Stages and Stats of Vampirism

There are four stages of vampirism, each offering the player different benefits and drawbacks as well as a selection of unique vampire-oriented spells. Upon contracting the disease (or after being bitten by specific NPCs) players have a few days before they progress to Stage One of the affliction and gain access to their first abilities. Each day that passes without feeding will progress the disease, and at Stage 4, the player will be feared and attacked on sight for their physical deterioration.

STAGE Resistance/Weakness Dawnguard Changes Spells Available Passive Abilities Granted
1 Resist Frost: 25% Weakness to Fire: 25% Resist Frost: 20% Weakness to Fire: 20% Vampiric Drain Vampire's Servant Vampire's Sight Champion of the Night Nightstalker's Footsteps Vampiric Strength: 5 points Weakness to Sunlight: -15 points
2 Resist Frost: 50% Weakness to Fire: 50% Resist Frost: 30% Weakness to Fire: 30% Vampiric Drain Vampire's Servant Vampire's Sight Vampire's Seduction Champion of the Night Nightstalker's Footsteps Vampiric Strength: 10 points Weakness to Sunlight: -30 points
3 Resist Frost: 75% Weakness to Fire: 75% Resist Frost: 40% Weakness to Fire: 40% Vampiric Drain Vampire's Servant Vampire's Sight Vampire's Seduction Champion of the Night Nightstalker's Footsteps Vampiric Strength: 15 points Weakness to Sunlight: -45 points
4 Resist Frost: 100% Weakness to Fire: 100% Resist Frost: 50% Weakness to Fire: 50% Vampiric Drain Vampire's Servant Vampire's Sight Vampire's Seduction Embrace of Shadows Champion of the Night Nightstalker's Footsteps Vampiric Strength: 20 points Weakness to Sunlight: -60 points

Unique Spells and Abilities

Different stages of vampirism grant different abilities and passive stat modifications. Some of these are inherently negative, like Weakness to Fire and Weakness to Sunlight, though these factors can be controlled pretty passively. At Stage One, vampires only have three new spells at their command, while at Stage Four they are given five to use, each more interesting and useful than the last.

  • Unique Spells
    • Vampiric Drain: Spell that absorbs health from a single target, growing in power depending on the player's vampire stage
    • Vampire's Servant: A basic necromancy spell that works for 1 minute, growing in power depending on the player's vampire stage
    • Vampire's Sight: A toggleable improved version of night vision
    • Vampire's Seduction: Can calm creatures and NPCs one time per day, who can be used to feed. Unlocked at Stage Two.
    • Embrace of Shadows: Turns the player invisible with Vampire's Sight for three minutes once per day. Unlocked at Stage Four.
  • Unique Abilities
    • Champion of the Night: Enhances Illusion spells by 25%
    • Nightstalker's Footsteps: Sneaking is 25% more effective
    • Vampiric Strength: Grants a bonus to Unarmed that scales with the vampire's stage
    • Weakness to Sunlight: Grants a major weakness to simple daylight that scales with the vampire's stage

While being infected with this disease in Skyrim can lead some players to look up how to cure vampirism, the curse isn't without its benefits. The effects of these spells and abilities are found nowhere else in the game, and although not being able to move around as easily in sunlight is a major drawback, it's not as daunting to manage as some players think. Spend some time to see if vampirism works in your favor before resigning to finding the Skyrim vampirism cure.

Talk To The Nearest Innkeeper

Skyrim Moorside Inn Outside View

When the player has had enough of the Vampire curse, head to the nearest Inn. Innkeepers in Skyrim are a great source of information – usually, they'll have a rumor or two for the player to chase down. If the Dragonborn is afflicted with Vampirism, though, the Innkeeper will comment on their appearance and send them on the Rising at Dawn quest.

If there are no Inns nearby when the curse becomes unbearable, though, the player can also talk to a member of the Dawnguard. It can be tricky to get into an Inn at high levels of Vampirism, making it all the more pertinent to find out how to cure vampirism in Skyrim as locals will flee at the very sight of the player. Dawnguard members, though, are made of stronger stuff. Either way, the Innkeeper or Dawnguard member will always instruct the player to head to the mage Falion, in Morthal.

Then, Find Falion in Morthal

Skyrim Morthal Swamps

Falion is a Redguard Mage who acts as the Skyrim curing vampirism expert. He was once the head of Conjuration at the College of Winterhold, before an unspecified event caused him to sever ties with the school. Now in Morthal, he helps players on the Rising at Dawn quest cure their Vampirism. Falion is located on the East side of the river, adjacent to the water.

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He will instruct the player to fill one Black Soul Gem and then return to him. Black Soul Gems can be filled with Grand Souls of most large, sentient creatures, such as the playable races. If it will take too much time to go fill a Black Soul Gem, Falion also sells the item for an affordable sum. After the player fills the Black Soul Gem returns, Falion will begin the ritual.

Finally, Complete Fallon's Ritual
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Falion leads the player to nearby Summoning Stones, North by North West of Morthal on a river delta. The player won't need to provide anything else to Falion to cure Vampirism. Just let him do his thing, stand in the Summoning Stones, and your Vampire curse will be cured.

This can be done more than once, as well, in case the Dragonborn does ever get the urge to go back to your Vampiric ways. It will be the same cost every time — one filled Black Soul Gem — and the player will have to find Falion and follow him to the Summoning Stones each time too. There are no negative repercussions for using the Skyrim vampire cure more than once, though it's annoying to go through over and over again.

As A Last Resort, Use Console Commands...

Children in Skyrim

If the player really doesn't want to go through the game-accurate methods of curing the Vampiric curse, they can always use console commands instead. The easiest and least intrusive method is the "showracemenu" command. To initiate a console command, press the ~ key on the keyboard in-game. This will pause the game and bring up a command line on the bottom left of the screen, with a flashing icon that indicates the game is ready to receive a command.

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The "showracemenu" command will bring up the Character Creation menu anywhere in the game. It also has the secondary effect of immediately restoring the character's status to default. It will remove all diseases, not just Vampirism, as well as poisons and other permanent debuffs to your character. Players can use this command to change their character's physical appearance and race on the fly, too. But ultimately, it's the easiest vampire cure Skyrim has as all you need to do is type "showracemenu", un-pause the game, then exit the character creation menu.

...Or Choose To Be A Werewolf Instead

skyrim werewolf

There are two main transformative diseases the player can take on in Skyrim: Vampirism, and Lycanthropy, better known as becoming a Werewolf. Becoming a Werewolf will immediately cure the Dragonborn's Vampirism, but being a Werewolf has drawbacks just like being a Vampire does. To choose this Skyrim vampirism cure, speak with Aela the Huntress of the Companions.

Being a Werewolf grants the Werewolf skill tree, immunity to disease, and a shape-shifted form with much more powerful attacks and movement. However, sleeping bonuses will never apply. Werewolves are too big for some doors, and gear automatically un-equips when the player shape-shifts. Perks can only be gained through feeding on werewolf hearts and humanoids. On the bright side, though, being a Werewolf allows the Dragonborn to go out during the day, a luxury not granted to Vampires.

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